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Leslie, Peter, and Chris are seven-year-olds in rural South Africa. Theyre best friends, which means theyve been known to get into some mischief. One of their favorite pastimes is swimming in the nearby river, but one day, they find an unusual black rock with white spots. They think it must be something special, so they plan to take it to the museum. Oom Andre is the museum curator, and he knows about everything. With his help, the three young boys come to realize theyve found a fossil, and so begins their imaginary exploration of all things dinosaur! Author Christopher Knott-Craig grew up in South Africa, too, just like the heroes of this story. There were no phones or TV, so what was little Chris to do? He made up his own stories, of course, which mixed together fact and the amazing fictions of a fertile imagination. Dinosaurs have always fascinated Chris, so it has come to no surprise that his six-year-old daughter, Cate, wants to hear all about the mammoth monsters, which was how this collection of exciting bedtime stories came about!

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