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An irrepressible woman learns the rules of Regency society-and breaks the laws of love-in this lighthearted romance from the author of Remember Me.   Samantha Darlington is the illegitimate daughter of a respected man. Her father's deepest shame and darkest secret, she has spent all of her seventeen years hidden away on a remote island. But when her half-sister, Amanda, discovers the truth of her existence, Samantha is rescued from her life of exile and thrust into a new world to be polished and educated. With the help of Amanda and the dashing and mysterious Julian Montgomery, Samantha will claim her rightful place in society.   When Julian agreed to tame the rebellious Samantha in order to find her a suitable husband, he hadn't anticipated that Samantha already had eyes for a man: Julian himself. Now Samantha, determined to make Julian her own, is stirring up a frenzy in his elitist world-and his impenetrable heart.   "Danice Allen's bright, sparkling sense of humor is a pleasure to behold." -RT Book Reviews  

Autor(en) Information:

Danice Allen is the author of twenty-two romance novels, writing under her own name for Avon and Berkley, and as Emily Dalton for Harlequin Regency and Harlequin American. One of her contemporary novels, Wake Me with a Kiss, was named Best Harlequin American of the Year by Romantic Times Magazine. Her novels have been sold around the world and translated into many languages.   Allen enjoys researching her novels almost as much as writing them, especially when the research includes travel. She has traveled extensively in the United States and spent some memorable times in Great Britain and Europe exploring castles and countryside.   Allen lives in Utah, but is an avid Anglophile and lover of British history and literature. At the same time, she immensely enjoys stories based in small-town Americana, both to read and write. This shared love for the "old" country and the "new" country made sense to her when her ancestry DNA test revealed that her origins were very, very British, and that her ancestors came to America with the earliest settlers.   Allen is married and has two sons, one of whom lives in Los Angeles and writes for television. Her other son lives close by with his wife and two children, which makes for many fun family gatherings.