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Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Can't wait until you get the next book / movie of the Harry Potter series? Now you have the opportunity to learn more about Harry's creator.J.K. Rowling (JK Rowling), aka Joanne Rowling is the "wizard" behind the magic spell that brought Harry Potter to life. Back in the days, JK Rowling was just an ordinary woman battling with everyday challenges and struggles to survive. She was poor, desperate and stressed out, waking up everyday in anxiety, due to the enormous poverty and deprivation surrounding her on a daily basis. Yet, JK Rowling had a goal to finish and publish a book to make a living. The book was quite special, but nobody knew it, even JK Rowling herself at that time. This magic book was about to give birth to Harry Potter and the Wizarding world. This book was a hope for the little Joanne to break free from all the misery. Despite all efforts, she was rejected by many publishers until one day a magic happened...Nigel Newman's daughter Alice discovered how special JK Rowling book was and urged her father to have a second thought on his rejection stamp. This is where Joanne began the gain her magic powers and brought Harry Potter to the world.In this biography, you'll learn everything there's to know about JK Rowling and her inspiration to create one of the most influential novels of all time - over 300 millions book copies sold and reaching millions of fans on the TV screen around the world. Harry Potter was JK Rowling's legacy, if wasn't for this, she would have been still broke and desperate. This was the light in the tunnel for her. Sometimes from every desperation comes the greatest gift in life - the eagerness to succeed and make things happen.Get the recipe of the JK Rowling magic spell and discover her key to success!Grab your copy now!

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